5 Things to Avoid that Make Pimples Worse, Things Not To Do

Everyone has to deal with pimples. One person has that more than another and one person also takes longer to get away than another. We would like to get rid of it as quickly as possible and it is therefore not always easy. Often we tend to squeeze them, but this often makes things worse. Sometimes you also read tips on how to make them go away faster. But do these really work that well?

The best way to get rid of a pimple is to stay away from it. Basically, pimples go away on their own within a few days. But I can imagine that you don’t want to walk around for long with a rampant pimple on your face. Despite the fact that you often find it much worse and see it more than anyone else. Maybe grabbing other means is attractive, but not all tips really work that well.

1. Protein Smear

Eggs are full of vitamins, so it may not be surprising that they are often used with homemade beauty products. For example, there are face masks in which proteins are processed. But that does not mean that only proteins are so good for your face. It can cause the pores to close because it is full of proteins. This increases the chance of pimples or blackheads, while you want to prevent that.

2. Spray perfume

I love perfume myself and I am also very careful with it because it is not always cheap. But some use this on pimples and that seems a shame to me. Especially since it doesn’t seem to help. Perfume often contains alcohol and this can have a bactericidal effect and can dry out the pimples. But in addition to alcohol, there are also other ingredients in a perfume which can also cause an allergic reaction on the skin. A better alternative is to go to a pharmacy for this so you can smear the right product on the skin to dry out pimples.

3. Apply Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the better known skin products against pimples. Like perfume, it would dry out a pimple and be gone the next day. Some then smear it before sleeping and let it sit overnight. But also in toothpaste there are several ingredients that can trigger an allergic reaction on the skin. Especially when you leave it on the skin longer.

4. Suns

Some say that the sun dries out pimples and it disappears faster. This is partly true. The sun can indeed cause a pimple to dry out. But it also ensures that the rest of the skin dries out faster. As a result, your skin tends to help itself by producing extra sebum against the dryness. This can actually increase the chance of pimples and this also makes you suffer from oily skin more quickly. So for a while the sun seems to help, but nothing seems less true.

5. Putting Ice on It

Ice is often used for swelling and pain relief injuries, but it has been found that some also use it on pimples. Unfortunately, this will not lead to the desired result because ice actually consists only of water. So there is nothing in it that will take care of the skin or make the pimples disappear. It can of course be nice to relieve any pain or get redness, but be careful with that too! Applying ice directly to the skin can also damage the skin. Although the result may be less, it is therefore useful to first wrap the ice in a thin towel, for example, so that there is no direct contact with the skin.

Nobody likes to walk around with pimples, but unfortunately that is sometimes part of it. It often goes away faster if you stay away from it. As you read here , it can sometimes be worse to do all kinds of things. If you do suffer from pimples or acne, you can also do some things yourself to prevent it as well as possible. Such as cleaning the face well or pampering yourself every now and then with a wonderful face mask.

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